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Our commitment to our core values has catapulted us as one of the industry leaders in our market. We are a forward-thinking organization that is committed to bringing our clients the best products and services in our industry.

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We’re looking for people to join our team who are excited to push the limits of innovation.

Capacity & Resources

Global Shielding is one of the few shielding companies which design, manufacture, and fabricate in-house giving us full control over our Customer’s overall experience. All of our material is stocked and ready to move on a moment’s notice. Additionally, if there are specific/custom needs required for a project, our engineering team along with the help of our resources can fabricate a part immediately upon request and completed within a few days. Our business model has allowed us to act quickly and efficiently to complete the project in a timely manner and ensure the Customer’s overall satisfaction.

We have well over 50 combined years of experience in the shielding industry. In addition to our personable staff, our knowledge and dedication to the craft allows us to assist the customer in the most efficient way possible while providing the best overall experience.

A Total Solutions Company

Global Shielding provides the widest range services available to help architects and builders solve all interference problems created by radiated and conductive energy from the magnetic through EMI, microwave, and gamma ray frequencies.

Our field and sales representatives work hand in hand with architects and builders. Global Shielding is one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of shielding materials in the industry.

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