Beamline Shielding

Synchrotron Hutches

Beamline shielded hutches are essential components in Synchrotron light source experiments that minimizing harmful exposure to electromagnetic radiation. These shielded enclosures are custom designed and optimized based on scattering radiation generated from beamline components.

Radiographic Enclosures

Features and Benefits

  • Free standing structure
  • Lead thickness as required
  • Custom sizes available
  • World wide installation

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Prefabricated modular lead shielded enclosures consist of free standing structural steel framed panels and one or more doors with optional control windows. Sections consist of steel-lead-steel panels fabricated with the required thickness of sheet lead. All edges are covered by steel. All modular panels incorporate lead joint strips.

X-Ray Cabinets

Similar in structural design to modular enclosures but smaller in size these cabinets are used to isolate radiation from surrounding areas. Typically used for radiation inspection of small components, the isolation of radioisotopes or the protection of material in elevated radiation environments.

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