Quench Vent

Cryogen vent systems are an essential part to a MRI’s functionality. MRI machines use liquid helium to cool down the superconductive magnet’s coil. As cryogens are released to keep the magnet cool, they evaporate into odorless, colorless, and tasteless gases and must be vented safely out of the building with the use of a cryogen vent pipe. Global Shielding specializes in the supply and installation of these pipe systems. We are familiar with the different specifications of each magnet and can assist in the design calculations before the system is installed.

Quench Vent Calculator

Try our quench vent calculator. This calculator is designed to optimize your quench vent system. Simply enter your physical pipe criteria and let the calculator determine the appropriate diameter based on OEM specifications.


90 ° Elbow

45 ° Elbow

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