RF Galvanized Panel System

The modular structure is traditionally used for high performance shielding. Panels are galvanized sheet steel bonded to a wood core that are attached via framing joints. The RF panel system will be supported via threaded rod and dielectric isolators attached to the deck above. This shielding system will perform beyond the attenuation levels required for all major OEM’s.

RF Copper System

This non-ferrous enclosure is ideal for shielding applications with restricted site access. The lightweight copper makes for easy navigation through job sites with limited space. Copper sheets attached to a plywood substrates and the copper is soldered together at all seams. The plywood, framing, and support are completed by others. The copper material is easily adaptable to various room configurations and is accepted for a wide array of applications. This shielding system will perform beyond the attenuation levels required for all major OEM’s.

Custom quench vent systems

Need help designing and fabricating your quench vent system? click the link below!

RF/ MRI Swing Door

Our door is fabricated using stainless steel giving it a premium aesthetic as well as strength and durability. View windows set into the doors are optional. Windows are available in custom sizes, from side view lites to full panel openings.

RF/ MRI Sliding Door

Our fully automatic Sliding RF Door features a completely pneumatic operating system and stainless steel design ideal for multiple bay operating suites. This door is offered in single or double leaf designs and offers similar safety, security, and access control features as our RF/ MRI Swing Door.

The most advanced ground monitoring system on the market.

RF Waveguide

All HVAC access points into the RF shielded enclosure will be treated with a hex cell honeycomb waveguide vent assembly. The waveguide hex cell geometry is sized for optimal performance at the design specification.

RF Power Filter

Power, signal, and communication lines need to run through a power filter. Electrical filters eliminate the unwanted RF signals by displacing them to ground. Every conductor which penetrates the shield, including neutral and signal return lines, must be filtered. Grounding wires must be bonded directly to the shield via the ground buss bar.

RF Window

RF shielded windows are factory fabricated double layer, free of moiré pattern, non-reflective black coating with shielding equivalent to the enclosure.

RF Pipe Waveguides

Type 1

RF Pipe Penetration is a pass-thru style. RF mesh gasket is wrapped around the metallic pipe being passed through and bonded to the RF Pipe Penetration with stainless steel clamps. RF gasket connection is completed after magnet delivery because it may cause a hard ground if no dielectric is used (typ. for med gas).

Type 2

RF Pipe Penetration is a pass-thru style. Non-metallic pipes or tubes can be passed through using this penetration.

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